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Sticky Fingers Apparel Launch Show Recap

So the launch and show has come and gone. We had the great pleasure of combining the t-shirts with great fresh art from all of our contributing artists.

For one day only we took over K+N Studio in Richmond. An awesome place for a full-time studio or exhibition space. Check them out here:  https://www.facebook.com/kranniesandnookstudio

We also debuted our newest contribution from the mighty Marian Machismo!

Marian Machismo tee

Along with a whole bunch of Marian’s rad art work.

Marian Machismo - MandiesMarian Machismo - Wu Tang Study 2

1979718_299615176894207_1347311032887739164_nHit up our Facebook page to check out more pictures!https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.302174859971572.1073741842.220274478161611&type=1  . And if you are in Melbourne , some of the works are still available.

Also on display was Melbourne’s own Phoenix the Street Artist!


The Phoenix tee is currently in the pipeline so stay tuned.

All the Sticky Fingers Apparel crew were represented on the walls.

Barek.     An awesome Halloween inspired collab piece with Cherie Strong.

Barek and Cherie Strong - Siren

Sitt Sitlakone.  Featured a selection of his blotter art.

10805611_302180366637688_6643337873477154346_n 10407604_302180343304357_4859426205785186399_n 1962799_302180383304353_3988254974224227581_n

Malarkey. Rocked the decks.


PhilB. With an array of his Posca drawn gems.

Phil B- Cyclops Phil B - Vulture Phil B - Viking Phil B - Koi

Precious Little Remains. Brought the street inside with work on found objects.


Dubse. With some airbrushed magic,


Lifetime. Brought all things robot, bunny or bat. And a whole bunch of awesome too.


©alm. Stencils and stuff.


All was served up with our range of t-shirts and a beer or two.

by alltoseshapes
by alltoseshapes

Massive thanks also to Allthoseshapes for hooking up some tunes and for snapping away as always. Check out the show as he saw it here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.742815952460719.1073741896.179126908829629&type=3

And don’t forget to check out the book ‘figment’.  A gem.


Lots of links right there, but we would love to hear about what is catching your eye on the street. So hit us up in the comments or on Facebook or Insta.


Welcome Barek

What the?
T-shirts from Melbourne street art and a Brisbane artist is featured?
Welcome Barek!



Ok. Here’s the confession. Barek was one of the first artists I traded with. I sent some paste ups and was blown over with the return package of stickers, pasties, miniature paintings and a badge made from puzzle pieces! Barek must be one of the most prolific traders and subsequently you can’t walk around Melbourne and not come across his trademark foxes or trolls.


Or those Barek eyes. You know the ones. Iconic. Capable of such meloncholy with just a few lines. Barek covers all the bases from stickers to murals and every sort of found or reclaimed object in between. So prolific, everything he does is hand drawn. You won’t find any prints on his for sale list. Check him out on Facebook for his awesome originals or maybe a commissioned piece.


The art for art trade, so popular in the sticker scene, has brought a significant Queensland presence to the streets of Melbourne. Some that spring to mind are Cherie Strong, Minou, Dubse, Skullcap and Philb. Go check them out and please add some more Brisbane artists to the list in the comments!