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To be or to PhilB

A recent scientific study revealed that an individual with a beard, among a group of non bearded colleagues, was rated as being more attractive.  However, this effect was lost when the group featured more than one bearded member.  So how do you stay ahead of the curve?

Phil B tee

Introducing the latest Sticky Finger Apparel tee featuring the art of Queensland’s super PhilB!  While not scientifically proven, we are pretty sure  this bearded viking tee  should come with a handsomeness guarantee!  (*actual results may vary!)

So that explains the beard. But I did have to ask PhilB……”Why Vikings?”

“I wanted to create a visual ambigram, 2 images in 1. And people loved it! The funny part was, most people only see the squid/octopus design, and when u turn it up the other way.. Boom! Blows their mind”


 Positive feedback, enjoyment and exploring new mediums led to the development of his characters. So the prolific PhilB has dropped hordes of vikings worldwide.  Always drawing while traveling in planes, trains or automobiles, he recently took his work to the United States.

Viking 1 Viking 2

Last year he participated in the Autograff sticker show, organised by Malarkey Art, in Melbourne. That’s where I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him, not only doing a sticker swap, but witnessing his handy can skills.

PhilB in Hosier Lane

Displaying skills across many mediums, his local art community has been a source of inspiration and instruction with spray paint.

“I just picked it up and had a go.. Learned a few tips along the way.. It’s a great art community, everyone’s happy to share techniques and hints and tips.. and it’s always fun pushing yourself.. Bigger, bolder, more art!”

Yep, the viking population greatly increased in Melbourne back then.

PhilB viking spray

 So keep an eye out for the ongoing viking invasion, as Philb continues to  expand his repertoire and hone his skills!

And please, no hand stands in the tshirt, there are no squids…………. this time!

With the first 25 tees purchased, Philb is also including a sweet pack, like the one pictured below, including stickers and a hand drawn page.

Phil B pack

Seen a viking lately? Let us know where and please let us know if something else has caught your eye in the street art world.


Welcome Barek

What the?
T-shirts from Melbourne street art and a Brisbane artist is featured?
Welcome Barek!



Ok. Here’s the confession. Barek was one of the first artists I traded with. I sent some paste ups and was blown over with the return package of stickers, pasties, miniature paintings and a badge made from puzzle pieces! Barek must be one of the most prolific traders and subsequently you can’t walk around Melbourne and not come across his trademark foxes or trolls.


Or those Barek eyes. You know the ones. Iconic. Capable of such meloncholy with just a few lines. Barek covers all the bases from stickers to murals and every sort of found or reclaimed object in between. So prolific, everything he does is hand drawn. You won’t find any prints on his for sale list. Check him out on Facebook for his awesome originals or maybe a commissioned piece.


The art for art trade, so popular in the sticker scene, has brought a significant Queensland presence to the streets of Melbourne. Some that spring to mind are Cherie Strong, Minou, Dubse, Skullcap and Philb. Go check them out and please add some more Brisbane artists to the list in the comments!