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I think I’ve been stalking Precious Little Remains.

Not in a creepy way. It’s just that every time the Precious art comet comes into orbit, I find a way of getting along and checking out the show.  To be honest, you could go to super art shows in Melbourne every week pretty easily. I cringe when I think of all the exhibits I’ve wanted to get along to, but have missed.

That said, I probably don’t get out enough, but I have moved mountains to check out the awesome work when Precious Little blazes across the Melbourne skyline.

The first encounter, goes back a little while, to Collingwood at Yah Yahs  with Erin Greer. Highlighted by posing gas masked figures and stunningly coloured, paint running portraits, the down side was quick sales and cheap prices. Damn those red stickers!

Photo used with permission from AllThoseShapes
Photo used with permission from AllThoseShapes

Next orbit? Surface POP’s Fibre  Femme’s  Paste up & Stencil Exhibition served up 7 of Melbourne’s finest. Damn, it would be great to get this crew back for a sequel!


Kaffeine, Suki, Be Free, Doctor, Fresh Chop, Baby Guerilla and Precious Little Remains! Probably worth reading that list again. Round 2 please! presh pop type The hand drawn  type writers with snippets of love letters were dragged straight from the streets. An indicator of where the combination of picture and poem would lead.

Urban Scrawl came into my gravitational field at the State Library of Victoria. Combining Kaffeine and Precious Little Remains with some magic from Tig Tab and Blacklodge. I viewed this as a bit of a game changer for Presh, really pushing that heart felt prose to the fore. And for me drawing together that thread that runs through the work of Precious Little Remains…..Loss.

A portrait hints of memory with the running, drooping paint. Eyes, downcast and distant or blotted out.

Photo used with permission from AllThoseShapes
Photo used with permission from AllThoseShapes

And the words. Snippets of a scene. Textured, emotive. Gone.

 But I suppose its a little bit “primitive society” of me to cast myself at the centre of the universe with the Presh comet passing through my orbit.  Would make more sense to see the creative furnace of Precious Little Remains going super nova at the middle.  Burning bright, expanding, an explosion in the making!

And what is next for Presh is booming. A graphic novel is being put together, and ripped from it’s pages comes the latest Sticky Fingers Apparel tee!

Presh tee

 So pull out your telescopes and lock on to the shining star that is Precious Little Remains. You don’t want to miss the next chapter. I know I won’t!

If you have come across a Precious Little Remains piece please let us know in the comment section and as always we would love to hear about any other interaction with the world of street art.

Super thanks to ALL THOSE SHAPES for the use of some of their photos. Check out the amazing collection and book at: