DVate completes Round #2 of PaintUp!

Great video and wise words from DVate for the Hosier Inc gang. A great collaboration between businesses, artists and community groups. A iconic part of Melbourne!

Hosier inc

Check out the latest Hosier Inc commissioned PaintUp! by DVate in Rutledge Lane. Many thanks to Mike Danischewski for creating the video below, along with David Russell for the stills. Enjoy!

HOSIER INC, Paint Up! round 2 : DVATE from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

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Sticky Fingers Apparel Launch and Show

Saturday the 25 th of October at KandN Studio! 25 Wangaratta Street Richmond. Entry off Botherambo Street. It’s around the corner from The Corner hotel.  From midday to 11pm.
Come and check out the range of Sticky Fingers Apparel tee shirts with designs from Australian Street artists. 
Sitt Sitlakone, Barek, Lifetime Sticky Fingers, Philb, Dubse, Malarkey Art, Calm and Precious Little Remains!
Also the debut of the newest SFA tee from the awesome Marian Machismo!
Want more?
How about some artwork from all the artists!  Yep, a collection of works,  ripped from the streets and up on display.
Still more?
Joining the art show is Phoenix the Street Artist. He will be the next artist to feature on a SFA tee. So new works will be on display to wet your appetite.
The book ‘Figment’ will be available to purchase at the show.  It features the comprehensive photos of Melbourne Street Art as covered by the rad Allthoseshapes! Lots of gems inside.
Steak Knives!  (Nope)
Beers and tunes later in the evening.
So there is your Saturday solved.
So come along and say hey.
And let us know what has caught your eye on the street art scene!

Shout out for Hosier

Just a quick post to let people know about the protest that will be happening at Hosier Lane, Melbourne on Sunday the 4th of May at 2pm.

This is the facebook link for the event


And this is the facebook link for the group organising the protest and petition.


And the reason for such action?

The Forum Theatre has a planned redevelopment which would greatly alter that classic heritage building and also dramatically alter the landscape of Hosier.

©alm pole dancer with Sofles in the background

While strictly not legal, the painting is condoned and has become a feature of Melbourne. Promoted by the city, it is a popular photo spot for weddings and tourists among others.  Many awesome pieces have come and gone. But perhaps more importantly it has been a great spot for people to make contact with street art.

The mighty Phibs on Rutledge
The mighty Phibs on Rutledge

Maybe it was where you did your first piece? Or saw something that moved you? Did a street art tour down there? Visiting artists often want to get something up in Hosier. And as a meeting point, its a great spot to see whats new before wandering the town. There are also the shops and services that operate there too!

I think everyone involved in street art has a Hosier story or two. In recent history there has been some significant events. That wicked Adnate piece is a boomer. How about the ‘nursery blue’ repaint of neighbouring Rutledge. Of course the ‘All Your Walls’ event (I mentioned it in my previous post).

The amazing Ruskidd seen from Hosier
The amazing Ruskidd seen from Hosier

So what’s your story?

We would love to hear some. Hit us on the facebook page if you cant comment here.

Here’s one of mine. I had just finished spraying a multi layered stencil in Footscray when I thought I’d swing by Hosier and do a few paste ups before calling it a night. There was a bit of action as there was a queue for the Forum around the corner, Movida was busy and the “RIP Jill” piece was sprayed that night.  I was discreetly pasting in a doorway when I realised I was being watched.  A young kid, about 11 maybe, was checking out the Lane as his parents finished dinner. His first question was “What’s your tag?’ As we chatted I was happy to hear he was working on his letter styles with the tag ‘PRINCE’. It was great to hear his enthusiasm so I left him with a Two Cans paste up.

Paste up session in Hosier
Paste up session in Hosier

Times like that really reinforce for me what a great opportunity Hosier gives to people to get involved with art, artists and the wider community. So if it were to go or to be significantly reduced, where would similar opportunities come from?

It is time to add your voice to save Hosier!

And perhaps put forward a plan for further accessible legal areas to extend that opportunity even further?


Once in a LIfetime.

Out in the suburbs, not really expecting to come across anything arty, I happily stumbled upon my first Lifetime Sticky Fingers. Not to say the suburbs don’t have street art or graffiti. Sure there are areas, train lines, open drains, milk bar walls, all the good usual spots. But I was in a place where even the back of the street signs were blank. And then boom.

IMG_2178  IMG_2183IMG_2184

The  sad eyed bunny staring back at me!

Pretty soon another, then one from Pots Hig Sticky Fingers (a ninja). Then the first of a few of their collabs around that area. Perfectly wrapped. Perfectly cutting through the grey, the everyday, the mundane.


Within the month, a chance meeting and art trade.

A little while later, a paste together. Then another and another. And then he drops this awesome collab.


The collabs keep coming.

lifetime and calm


And we were joined by a few friends(JoJo Spins, Malarkey, PAWA, SkullCap, ATR, Christopher Priority, yeah 27) as part of our piece for the AllYourWalls/Melbourne Now  repaint of Hosier Lane.  The whole event was organised by Invurt.com, Just Another Agency, Land of Sunshine and Hosier Inc. with the support of The National Gallery of Victoria.

IMG_2102 IMG_2110

But back to Lifetime.  A steady stream of characters, patchwork rabbits, robots, moustached strong men and batboys with knifes, bling, KISS makeup, melting arms or tentacles.  And tha’ts just picking out a few.

IMG_2252lifetime robot

But its them eyes that keep coming. Threatening sometimes. Crazy sure. But there’s that sadness as the tears well up. Maybe there’s a safety in phrasing emotion in his cartoon characters.

But the best thing about Lifetime? Well it’s got to be that we are mates. Collaborators, partners in StickyFingersApparel and above all friends!

As my blog continues, I plan to talk about my personal interactions with art and artists and hopefully hear some of yours. While this is a blog to support the contributing artists involved in StickyFingersApparel, I don’t just want to re post artist bios.  We want to see and hear what engages you and try to reflect that in the awesome art we put on our t shirts!  I also want to develop and discuss the awesome sense of community that is part of street art. It has already given me an outlet for my voice, adventures and friends that will last a lifetime!


sad bunny lifetime skullslifetime-batboy2.jpg

 Three awesome Lifetime designs are available now!

Welcome Barek

What the?
T-shirts from Melbourne street art and a Brisbane artist is featured?
Welcome Barek!



Ok. Here’s the confession. Barek was one of the first artists I traded with. I sent some paste ups and was blown over with the return package of stickers, pasties, miniature paintings and a badge made from puzzle pieces! Barek must be one of the most prolific traders and subsequently you can’t walk around Melbourne and not come across his trademark foxes or trolls.


Or those Barek eyes. You know the ones. Iconic. Capable of such meloncholy with just a few lines. Barek covers all the bases from stickers to murals and every sort of found or reclaimed object in between. So prolific, everything he does is hand drawn. You won’t find any prints on his for sale list. Check him out on Facebook for his awesome originals or maybe a commissioned piece.


The art for art trade, so popular in the sticker scene, has brought a significant Queensland presence to the streets of Melbourne. Some that spring to mind are Cherie Strong, Minou, Dubse, Skullcap and Philb. Go check them out and please add some more Brisbane artists to the list in the comments!


Who we are

Sticky Fingers Apparel is a collaboration between Lifetime and Calm, a character artist and a stencil artist, from Melbourne. Like so many others, they contribute to Melbourne’s ever changing streets. And like so many artists they don’t have the time or the money to fully pursue their creative goals.


So Sticky Fingers Apparel was started. We contact artists and get their work on to t-shirts.We do the printing and set up the store and the artists can focus on art!
The artist gets a bigger cut of the profit without having to win a competition or a popularity contest. The use of their image isn’t based on a flat fee so every item sold puts money in their pocket.
The aim is to take the art from the street and well, get it back out on the street on t-shirts. It makes it possible to support a favourite emerging artist while rocking a sweet tee!
Like the art on the street we are always changing too. Regularly looking for ways to better produce the shirts to get a better return for the artists. And looking for more stores to get their art out there. So get in touch if you would like to get involved.
But, more importantly, we are always looking for fresh art and fantastic artists!

So let us know your favourite pieces!

Melbourne street art T shirts

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